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Silver Rounds Price and Value

Find the lowest price silver round options at Gold Silver Insider. Our mission is to scour the web and find legitimate online bullion dealers and compare their prices here. Currently our list of lowest price silver rounds can be found above.

What is a Silver Round?

A silver round is a pure piece of silver bullion, most notably called a “round” because it is literally round. So it’s pure silver in the shape of a circle or coin.

Typically silver rounds are made by private mints and do not carry a face value on them. This is what distinguishes them from being a silver coin. Silver rounds come in all different kinds of designs.

Are Silver Rounds a Good Investment?

Silver rounds can be a good investment because typically they are lower priced when compared to silver coins; which most would call their counterpart. Does this mean silver rounds are less valuable then silver coins.

Basically, no. Both products are usually one ounce of pure silver.

So technically speaking, they carry the exact same amount of pure physical silver.

What is a Silver Round Worth?

It depends on the size of the silver round. Silver Rounds come in all different types of sizes. The most common sizes are 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz and 5 oz. A silver round is worth it’s weight in silver.

So if you have a 1/2 oz silver round, then your silver round is worth half of the current spot price of silver. If you silver round is five ounces in size, then the value of your silver rounds would be five times the current spot price of silver.

Are Silver Rounds or Coins Better?

Ultimately, it depends on the investor. In most cases, silver rounds are less expensive than silver coins. So if your only goal is to acquire more silver bullion with your fiat currency, then you’ll get more bang for your buck with silver rounds vs silver coins.

However, there is no such thing as “better.” Some people will have arguments one way or the other, but at the end of the day, silver is silver and we’re all hoping the price goes up. If the price goes up, then your silver rounds will gain more value; the same as silver coins.


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