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Looking to Buy American Silver Eagle Coins?

If you’re a new investor just getting started out and looking to make your first silver purchase. Then it’s likely someone has recommended you to looking in the American Silver Eagle Coins made at the US Mint.

American Silver Eagles are a GREAT place to start your silver portfolio. They are by far the most popular silver bullion product in terms of volume sold each year. This is important because it means there is an easy “two-way” market for the silver eagles. In other words, this product is very liquid. It’s very easy to buy and sell.

Why is this important? Well, if you don’t heed our advice here at Gold Silver Insider and you buy something like Silver Eagle Proofs or Silver Eagle Graded coins, you are going to have a hard time selling these silver coins back into the market whenever you’re ready to sell.

So if you invest heavily in the US Silver Eagle Bullion coin, then you will have no problem selling your product to any dealer when you’re ready to move your position.

Why Else Should You Buy Silver Eagles?

Sell Back Value

The sell back value of US Silver Eagle coins are among the highest in the industry. This means that when you are ready to sell, you will be offered more premium for this coin than other silver bullion products. Ultimately, when you go to sell silver eagles, they will bring more dollars per ounce than any other silver bullion bar, silver bullion round or silver coin.

But silver eagles cost more?

Yes, Silver Eagle coins do cost more up-front. However, as mentioned above you should be able to retain your premium delta when you go to sell the coins back. So you may pay $1 or $2 more per ounce when you buy the coin, but you should also be getting $1 to $2 more per ounce, when compared to other silver bullion products, when you go to sell back your Silver Eagle Coins.

American Silver Eagle Coin History

The US Mint started minting the Silver Eagle coin in 1986 and this is the Official Silver Bullion coin of the United States Government. Each silver eagle coin contains a real face value of $1.00. Therefore, you could use the coin for $1.00 to buy your groceries with. Of course, the silver value in the coin is much higher than $1.00 so you should NEVER do that.

Backdated Silver Eagles Coins

Because Silver Eagles are so popular, there is also a massive market for what is known as “back-dated” eagles. This is any year that is not the current year. Each year, the coin will contain the specific year it was minted. So you can purchase 1986 silver coins. Or 1996, etc.

Should you buy back-dated Silver Eagles? If you’re a new investor and you’re looking to buy in bulk, then I would not recommend buying back-dated silver eagles. You will end up paying a much higher price per ounce for the back-dated silver eagle coins.

Therefore, you are getting less silver for your fiat dollar. Like most marked up items, the gain in margin is really only ever captured by the dealer or other insiders who truly understand how the industry works and how to sell collectible items.

Here’s the exception. If you really love the Silver Eagle Program, and you have a date that is important to you. Maybe it’s your wedding anniversary or the year you graduated from school. In this case, buy one of unit of that specific year and hold it forever as something that is special to you.

However, buying back-dated coins in bulk as an investment should only be reserved for expert investors.

*Great tips for wives: if you need an anniversary gift and your husband is a silver investor, then purchase him a silver eagle in the year you were married. He will not be unsatisfied with that gift!

Silver Eagle Reporting

Another major benefit to buying silver Eagles is there is no requirement for 1099-B reporting when selling back Silver Eagle coins in large volumes. This is a difference to consider for larger volume buyers who are comparing Silver Eagles vs Silver Bars or Silver Rounds.

In summary: Silver Eagles are the most popular coin in the world. They are very liquid, which means they are very easy to buy or sell anywhere in the US. They do cost more per ounce up front, but you should also receive more per ounce when you go to sell them back to the market. Lastly, there is no required 1099-B reporting on any silver eagle transactions.

So, if you’re a new investor, make sure you add some Silver Eagle Coins to your portfolio!


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