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Find 100 oz Silver Bar Prices Online

If you’re looking for 100 oz silver bars prices online, then you have come to the best place to find live silver bar prices updated every hour. We follow and track the most common brands. Simply click the product above you are interested in and we’ll lead you to the lowest price online.

We track more than 15 of the top online bullion dealers. These dealers are legitimate and can be trusted with your hard earned investment dollars.

The way that our pricing charts work is that we sort the dealers by price lowest to highest. And if the dealer does not have the specific 100 oz silver bar in stock when we scan their site, then we do not show them on the product chart.

This saves you time so you don’t have to waste time looking at dealers for a specific product who currently don’t have any inventory.

How do you calculate the value of a 100 oz silver bar?

Calculating the base metal price of a 100 oz silver bar is actually quite simple. This is where we will start. There are one hundred troy ounces in a 100 oz silver bar and the price of silver is based on one troy ounce.

Therefore, all you need to do is multiply 100 by the current spot price of silver. So if the current spot price of silver is $30, then the base silver value of a 100 oz silver bar would be: $3,000.

But this will only give you the value of the base metal. This does not give you the value of the out the door price. The spot price of silver is based on a paper silver price for futures markets.

However, you are buying physical silver, not paper silver. Physical silver has to be mined from the earth, refined, melted, processed into silver sheets and struck/minted into the silver bar that you want to purchase.

This process is very expensive. For this reason, dealers charge a premium on top of the base metal price. This premium covers the cost and a tiny profit for the dealers, wholesalers and mints.

Once you add the premium price to the base metal price, you then have the total value of the specific 100 oz silver bar brand you are interested in.

100 oz Silver Bar Brand Prices

One common question is if all 100 oz silver bars contain the same amount of metal, then why are the prices different for each bar and for each dealer.

The answer is both complex and simple. The simple answer is that the silver bar industry is the same as any other industry. Some brands are more expensive simply because the brand or manufacturer charges more for their particular bar.

It could be that they have invested in higher quality minting machinery that produces a higher quality bar. It could be strictly a business decision that the mint wants to make a little more margin.

The complex answer is that there are several variables that go into pricing each bar. Supply and demand are the main drivers. When demand is high and supply is low, then wholesalers will raise the premium prices. And when demand is low and supply is high, then wholesalers will lower premium prices. And retail dealers follow wholesalers.

Popular 100 oz Silver Bar Brands

When it comes to 100 oz silver bars, there are not as many options to choose from when compared to 10 oz silver bars or 1 oz silver bars.

Here are some of the most popular 100 oz silver bar brands and links to check the current price of each:

  • Generic: 100 oz generic silver bars are typically the lowest price bars on the market. The dealer will ship you whatever bar they have in stock. You should not expect to choose the brand of the bar or the quality of the bar – Get 100 oz Generic Silver Bar Prices here.
  • Royal Canadian Mint: 100 oz Royal Canadian Mint Silver bars are some of the most popular on the market and have been for a long time. They have a very nice design and the RCM mint does an amazing job minting and striking these beautiful bars – Get 100 oz Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bar Prices here.
  • PAMP Suisse: 100 oz Pamp Suisse Silver bars are another very popular brand. The bars are beautiful and the brand PAMP carries a lot of strong weight in the silver bullion bar industry – Get 100 oz Pamp Suisse Silver Bar Prices here.
  • Johnson Matthey: 100 oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bars are some of the oldest silver bars still in the market. The mint shutdown many years ago so you can only buy Johnson Matthey bars via the secondary market. This means you cannot buy them brand new any longer – Get 100 oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bar Prices here.
  • Engelhard: 100 oz Engelhard Silver Bars are essentially the same story as JM. Engelhard is historically one of the most well known brands in the silver bullion bar industry but cannot be purchased brand new as the mint shut down several years ago – Get 100 oz Engelhard Silver Bar prices here.
  • Sunshine: Unlike the two brands mentioned above, the Sunshine Mint, also known as Sunshine Minting, is still operational today and creates some of the highest quality silver products on the market – Get 100 oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bar prices here.

100 oz Silver Bars vs 10 oz and 1 oz Silver Bars

If you’re new to investing in silver and are curious about buying 100 oz silver bars versus some popular smaller sizes like 10 oz and 1 oz silver bars then hopefully this section will help.

When you compare 100 oz silver bar prices to 10 oz silver bar prices and 1 oz silver bar prices, you’ll notice the same thing for both sizes. The smaller sizes carry a higher premium per ounce than the larger, 100 oz silver bar.

Therefore, investors that are looking to invest a significant amount of money in silver typically favor the larger sized bar. This allows them to acquire more ounces of silver for the same amount of fiat dollars they are looking to invest.

Also, if you buy a significant number of ounces, it’s also easier to store the larger bars because there’s less of them.

There’s only one possible downside in this comparison. Because 100 oz silver bars contain so much more silver, when you go to sell your 100 oz silver bars, it could be hard to find a local buyer. If you’re a person that likes to sell locally, then you could find trouble off-loading a large number of 100 oz silver bars at one time.

If you are okay with selling to the national dealers we have listed on our website, then you will not have this problem. Because national dealers deal in volume trades, they’ll be able to assist you if you need to sell a large number of 100 oz silver bars at one time.


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