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Choose the specific 10 oz silver bar product you want to check prices on below. Prices are updated every hour from 15+ dealers. If the dealer does not have the product in stock on that latest scan, they will not show up in the pricing grid.


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10 oz Silver Bar Prices

If you are looking to compare 10 oz silver bar prices from the top online bullion dealers, then we can help. Every hour, we browse the top online bullion dealers and look for the most common 10 oz silver bars sold in the industry and report those prices back to you here on our website.

We also sort the prices from lowest to highest so you can easily find the lowest price dealer for the specific product you are wanting to purchase.

Dealers are constantly changing their prices. Some dealers will mark down 10 oz silver bars only for a day or two or even for only a few hours at a time with a flash sale.

For this reason, it’s important to check our website when you are ready to make your next purchase. Because we update our prices here every hour, it will save you a lot of time browsing each dealer’s website looking for the particular 10 oz silver bullion bar you are wanting to purchase.

10 oz Silver Bar Value

How does a 10 oz silver bar get it’s value? It’s a very simple calculation. Ten ounces silver bars are exactly 10 troy ounces of weight. You only need to multiply 10 by the current silver spot price and you’ll know how much a 10 oz silver bar is worth in pure silver value.

As I write this, silver prices are around $25.00. This means one troy ounce of silver is currently trading at approximately $25.00 per troy ounce. So we multiply 10 ounces x $25.00 per ounce and we know the 10 oz silver bar value is around $250.00.

10 oz Silver Bar Premiums

However, when you are investing in silver bars, you will not pay the metal value we calculated above, you will pay a slightly higher price. This is because the price of silver is based on a paper price, but you are buying physical.

It takes a lot of effort to mine and refine silver and stamp or mint them into actual bars. Plus there’s shipping and insurance. Because of all these cost to get silver from the ground in a form to ship a silver bar to your house, there is a premium attached to all silver bar products.

This premium price is what the dealers charge to make a profit based on many variables of their business. This is why one dealer can sell a silver bar for less or more than another dealer.

And this is why we created This site allows us to see which dealers have the lowest premiums and are selling 10 oz silver bars the cheapest.

Popular 10 oz Silver Bars

If you are wanting to invest in 10 oz silver bars, then we show you the most popular and trusted brands in the industry today.

Generic Silver Bars: Generic silver bars are popular because they are normally the lowest price silver bars at all dealers. → Get 10 oz Generic Silver Bar Prices

Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bars: RCM Silver bars are best known for their standard of quality. The RCM Mint is very good at striking and producing high quantity products. → Get 10 oz RCM Silver Bar Prices

PAMP Suisse Silver Bars: PAMP is another very well-known mint for silver bullion products, specifically silver bars. Typically, they are cheaper than RCM but still produced with a very high quality strike: → Get 10 oz PAMP Suisse Silver Bar Prices

Engelhard Silver Bars: Engelhard is one of the oldest producing mints known to produce silver bars. The original mint is long gone. But the brand name is highly valuable and comes in many different shapes, pours and designs. → Get 10 oz Engelhard Silver Bar Prices

Johnson Matthey Silver Bars: Johnson Matthey is much like Engelhard. JM Mint is long gone and historic. But the brand name is still very popular in the silver bullion industry and these bars are very trusted by silver bar investors: → Get 10 oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bar Prices



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