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Compare Silver Bar Prices Online

If you’re looking to buy silver bars online, then you’ve come to the right place. We browse the web and top online bullion dealers to find the lowest silver bar prices available. Not only do we find the lowest prices on silver bars, but we only report on the best silver bar products to invest in.

Why Buy Silver Bars?

Silver bars, also called silver bullion bars, are among the most popular silver bullion products to invest in. Each year, millions of ounces of silver bullion bars are minted, sold and traded in the physical silver industry.

Silver Bars Carry Low Premium Prices

Traditionally speaking, silver bars carry lower premium prices than the premium prices assigned to silver coins. So the fact you can buy more ounces of silver for the same amount of dollars makes them high attractive.

Why is the premium on silver bars lower? Are they are cheaper product?

Absolutely not. Typically speaking, it’s cheaper for a mint to make a silver bar than it is a silver coin. This is because a silver coin usually contains more details and requires multiple striking to get the design just right. With silver bars, most investors are purchasing the bar for the weight, not the design.

Thus, a mint can produce bars at a cheaper price than they can a coin. This allows them to sell the silver bars at a lower rate to the wholesalers and the wholesalers offer a lower rate to the retailer and the retailer offers a lower rate go you, the end customer.

Silver Bars vs Silver Rounds

Silver bars are very similar to silver rounds. The major difference is the shape. Bars are shaped like ingots and rounds are, well… round.

They are both mostly made by private mints and carry no face value. Also some government mints do make silver bars, no government mints make silver rounds. And if you see a silver bar that carries a face value, it’s actually a coin. I know, weird right?

At the end of the day, bars and rounds are almost identical. They are less expensive than coins and silver bullion stackers love them for their low premium prices.



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