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The idea for the American Eagle Gold Coin came to life in 1981 when US Congressman Ron Paul presented it to President Ronald Reagan’s Gold Commission. In 1985, the US Congress passed a law on gold, according to which the gold that will be used to issue the coin will come from deposits located in the United States.

Since its release in 1986, the American Gold Eagle Coin has become a preferred asset for many investors. The quality of the gold coin is guaranteed by the United States government, which makes it recognizable around the world. Thus, the American Eagle gold coin is suitable for most investors and especially for those who would like to diversify their investment portfolios.

Types Of American Gold Eagles

Unlike American Silver Eagle Coins which are issued in just one size and denomination, the American Gold Eagle Coins are issued in 4 different sizes. Each size and a link to their current prices by top online bullion dealers is below:

A distinctive feature of the 1 troy ounce American Eagle gold coins is that they are minted from 22-carat gold with 0.9167 purity, according to a standard established more than 350 years ago.

This makes the gold American Eagle coin more durable and resistant to scratches and injuries. The American Gold Eagle Coin is legal tender in the United States and is an excellent investment in gold bullion.

Design of the American Gold Eagles

On the obverse is the Statue of Liberty, authored by Augustus Saint-Gauden. Lady Liberty holds an olive branch in her left hand and a torch in her right. The outer ring of the gold coin bears the inscription “Liberty” and the year of issue.

Since 2021, the reverse of the coin depicts a portrait of an Eagle, however, earlier designs include a pair of Eagles. The male eagle is depicted carrying an olive branch in its beak while landing in the nest, where the female eagle with newly hatched small eagles is. This image showed the traditions and family values ​​in the American family.

Gold Eagles vs Gold Maple Leaf Coins

If you’re a new gold bullion investor, you may be wondering which is a better buy: Gold Eagle coins or Gold Maple Leaf coins?

The answer is it basically comes down to its price. Gold Maple Leaf coins are always priced lower than Gold Eagle coins. You can follow current Gold Maple Leaf prices on our website.

Other than price, some investors simply like the design and strike better. Admittedly the Royal Canadian Mint does produce a higher quality looking coin.

Gold Eagles vs Gold Buffalos

Here’s another tricky comparison question. In the above scenario, it’s easy for investors to go with Maples as they are cheaper. However, if you keep up with Gold Buffalo coin prices, you’ll see they are actually more expensive than Gold Eagle coins.

So why do investors buy Gold Buffalo coins if they are more expensive? There’s two reasons for this. First, the design is much more beautiful and the quality of strike is higher. Second, the Gold Buffalo is .9999 pure vs the Gold Eagle at .999 pure.

So if you are looking to hold a much more beautifully designed and struck coin and don’t mind paying a little higher premium, then you’ll love the Gold Buffalo.

Gold Eagles vs Gold Bars

If you’re really price sensitive when investing, then maybe you should consider gold bars. If you watch gold bar prices, you’ll notice they are often significantly lower priced than Gold Eagle coins.

So if you want to get more gold bullion for the same amount of fiat currency, then gold bars should really be considered.

So, if gold bars are less expensive, then why would someone buy Gold Eagle coin over gold bars?

First, Gold Eagle coins are more expensive to buy on the front end, but you can also expect a higher price when you go to sell them. So it’s possible that when you sell the Gold Eagles, you’d actually come out ahead.

Second, Gold Eagle coins are not bound to any type of IRS reporting when you decide to sell in the future. If you do sell a certain amount of Gold Bars at one time, it is possible that the dealer you sell to will have to report the transaction to the IRS.

For some investors, they are more interested in higher premiums when they sell without the possibility of IRS reporting. Therefore, they purchase gold eagle coins.


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