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Texas Precious Metals Dealer Review

Did You Know?

Texas Precious Metals has its roots in old Texas Money and also owns a gold and silver mint as well as an underground gold and silver depository?


Texas Precious Metals Payment Options

Credit/Debit Card




Paper Check

Bank Wire

Texas Precious Metals Shipping Policy


Texas Precious Metals ships all orders for free with no order minimum that we can find.

Orders less than $999.99 ship via USP Surepost and orders of $1,000 or more ship UPS Next Day Air.


Texas Precious Metals also ships via UPS Surepost or UPS Next Day Air.


“All packages ship for FREE domestically via UPS, fully insured. If a package is lost or stolen in transit, it is our responsibility to file a claim and issue you a new package.”


Texas Precious Metals does not offer international shipping.

Order Processing Time

“Every product we sell is in stock and available for immediate shipment.”


Pricing Rating


Texas Precious Metals gets 3.5 stars on our pricing rating. They are usually one of the higher priced online bullion dealers.


Selection Rating


Texas Precious Metals gets 3 stars on our selection rating. They usually don’t carry a lot of SKU options. Most of the time, it can be challenging to find bulk inventory here across a multitude of bullion offerings.


Texas Precious Metals FAQs

On Texas Precious Metals’ policy page there is a short three sentence policy that says if you have a problem, you should call them to discuss it and they will try to accommodate you.


Yes ,Texas Precious Metals collects sales tax on applicable bullion purchases. You can see which states they collect sales tax for here: Tex Metals Sales Tax page.


We could not find any mention of a military discount offered by Texas Precious Metals.


When you search Texas Precious Metals coupon codes, there are a number of sites like hotdeals that say they have promo codes for Texas Precious Metals.

But the reality is most of these websites are just getting traffic and don’t actually offer real coupon codes that work.


Texas Precious Metals is a legitimate online gold and silver bullion dealer. They have been doing business since 2010 and have been listed on Inc Magazine’s list of 5000 fastest growing companies in 2015.

They have also been accredited by the better business bureau since 2011. This is one of the longest periods of accreditation by any major online bullion dealers.


Texas Precious Metals does not have any starter pack or silver at spot offer for new customers; like some other dealers do.


Texas Precious Metals is located in a small town in Texas, their listed address is:

959 State Hwy 95N, Shiner, TX77984

About Texas Precious Metals

Texas Precious Metals is a bullion dealers based in Shiner, Texas. They also offer a retail store in Shiner; which can be nice for larger orders that customers want to pick up in person.

Their website says they have done more than $500,000,000 million in transactions which includes 300,000 ounces of gold and 10 million ounces of silver.

They also go by the name of Tex Metals or TPM.

Tex Metals is a part of a family conglomerate of businesses called Kaspar Texas Traditions. The business comes from old money.

Texas Precious Metals also has an underground vault and a gold and silver mint called Texas Mint.

Texas Precious Metals Product Prices

When it comes to pricing and inventory, this dealer is not at the top of the list of either category. They usually don’t have near as much inventory to offer as other dealers like JM Bullion, SD Bullion or even Monument Metals.

We would rate their inventory offering someone around the same levels as Money Metals Exchange. They do offer current and random year bullion items. But most of the time, they don’t go much deeper than that.

Next, when you compare their silver eagle prices as well as silver bar prices, they are usually one of the higher priced dealers online. Our guess is because they ship every order for free, they have to raise prices to cover that shipping cost for small orders.

Texas Precious Metals vs Silver Gold Bull, BGASC, Hero Bullion and Bold Precious Metals

When we take a look at a 5-year chart of these Tier 2, smaller dealers, we can that TPM is at the top of this list. They seem to wane as we get closer to current times, hoer they really shined through 2020.

We think this is a testament for how long the company has been in business and how popular they are within the bullion community.

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