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Silver Gold Bull Dealer Review

Did You Know?

Silver Gold Bull is a Canadian based dealer but is growing market share in the US by partnering with A-Mark to fulfill their US orders. A-mark also fulfills for JM Bullion, Provident Metals and


Silver Gold Bull Payment Options

Credit/Debit Card




Paper Check

Bank Wire

Silver Gold Bull Shipping Policy


Silver Gold Bull offers free shipping on all orders over $199. Orders less than $199 incur a charge of $9.95. Typically, when you opt for standard shipping, you are allowing the dealer to choose the cheapest and best shipping option for themselves.

They offer an option to upgrade your shipping at checkout to UPS or USPS priority for $12.95.


According to their checkout, they ship with USPS or UPS. United States orders are shipped out of A-marks’ Las Vegas facility. Canadian orders are shipped differently.


“Your investment represents your hard earned savings, and you can have complete confidence in knowing that all packages leaving our facility, regardless of value, are insured for their full value.”


Silver Gold Bull is based out of Canada and does ship orders to Canada. Please note that those orders will have different shipping prices and processing times according to their .ca website.

Order Processing Time

“Your order will pack within 2 business days of cleared payment.”

Shipping Options at Silver Gold Bull checkout

Pricing Rating


Silver Gold Bull gets 4.25 stars on our pricing rating. They are consistently one of the lowest price bullion dealers online. This is how they compete in the US Market.


Selection Rating


Silver Gold Bull also gets 4.25 stars on our selection rating. They usually carry quite a bit of inventory. Much more than your typically smaller tier bullion dealer.


Silver Gold Bull FAQs

Silver Gold Bull does have a return policy. You’ll need to dig in their terms of sale page to find it though.

Their policy expires after the third day you received your order. This means you need to notify them within two business days of receiving your order.

This is one of the shorter time frames among all the dealers. Most dealers allow 3-5 business days. So make sure you check your order immediately when it arrives.


We are unsure. Their web page is pretty confusing. They have two opposite statements.

  1. “We guarantee there will be zero charges when you get your order.”
  2. And then the next sentence says “In the United States, taxes will be applied based on your shipping address.”

You can view the page below. Maybe it will be updated by the time you view it. But currently, it only contains those two sentences: Silver Gold Bull Tax Page.

In their FAQ section, they have a question about this that was updated on October 27, 2021. Here they state they do not offer military discounts at this time.


A google search for silver gold bull coupon codes does bring back a lot of websites promising promo codes for silver gold bull. However, we were not able to apply any of the codes to an order.

So we think those might just be click bait websites. Which is pretty common in the bullion space.

Yes. Silver Gold Bull is definitely a legit bullion dealer. They are a sponsor of the very popular Wall Street Silver sub reddit.

Their third party review site shopper approved has them with more than 200,000 reviews.

Their better business bureau rating is A+ and mentions they have been in business for 15 years.

They have offered silver at spot offers in the past. However, their silver at spot page now list “out of stock!”

You can find the page below in case they put more inventory in their spot offer: Silver Gold Bull spot offer.


Yes, Silver Gold Bull offers storage in Canada, the United States and Singapore.

Their storage page mentions “low rates” but does not list the rates. Instead there is a form for you to fill out. So we assume you’d need to contact them to get the rates.

They also mention the storage is audited and insured, safe, secure and private and carries zero counter-party risk.


Silver Gold Bull is based in Canada but they also serve US clients by shipping orders out of A-mark’s Las Vegas facility.

Here are the addresses listed on their websites:
888 – 3rd ST SW
10th Floor – West Tower
T2P 5C5

2780 So. Jones Blvd.
Las Vegas Nevada

About Silver Gold Bull

Unfortunately, there is not a lot listed online about Silver Gold Bull. For example, their about us page really doesn’t talk about the company or their history. It mainly list services they offer.

Their better business bureau listing says they have been in business for 15 years; which is longer then most dealers.

We know they are based out of Canada. To expand their operations in the United States, they partnered with A-Mark out of Las Vegas to fulfill US based orders.

This partnership has allowed them to compete we major US based dealers like SD Bullion and APMEX. This is also the reason we have listed them on our website as we only list dealers that can serve the American consumer.

Silver Gold Bull Prices

Since we are a gold and silver price comparison website, we should mention their pricing. Over the last handful of years, they have been very aggressive at trying to be the lowest price bullion dealer for US business.

For example, when we look and compare silver eagle prices and silver maple leaf prices, they are constantly one of the lowest price dealers. Sometime they are significantly lower price then some of the major US dealers.

Please note you can always see this dealer live pricing on their dealers page here by looking at the chart above that updates every hour with pricing and inventory stock.

Silver Gold Bull vs Gainesville Coins, Money Metals Exchange and Monument Metals

When we take a look at the last five years and compare some of the major tier 2 bullion dealers in the United States, we can see that Silver Gold Bull is somewhere near the top of that conversation.

So even though they dealer is Canadian based, they are proving to do quite well in the US market versus some of their piers.

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