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SD Bullion Dealer Review

Did You Know?

SD Bullion was started by two doctors that met in pharmacy school. They each decided to start a blog. One of the blogs was The rapid growth of that news website in 2011 led to one of the biggest online bullion dealers today.


SD Bullion Payment Options

Credit/Debit Card




Paper Check

Bank Wire

SD Bullion Shipping Policy


SD Bullion offers free shipping on all orders more than $199.00. Any order less than that amounts ships for $8.95. Please note if you elect the free or $9.95 option, the dealer will choose which service to ship your order based on what’s in their best interest.

You can upgrade your shipping to USPS Priority or FedEx 2 Day for an extra charge.


SD Bullion utilizes USPS and FedEX to ship orders. Their orders are shipped out of their Michigan vault facility.


Their website claims all orders are fully insured and that if anything should happen to your order during shipping, their insurance will cover the issue.


SD Bullion does offer international shipping to several countries. They have a full list as well as specific policies for international orders found here: SD International.

Order Processing Time

SD Bullion’s shipping time is 1-3 business days after your payment has cleared. Obviously different payment methods have different clearing times so you’ll want to be aware of that.SD Bullion Shipping Options at Checkout

Pricing Rating


SD Bullion gets 4.3 stars on our pricing rating. Historically, they were always the lowest price on bullion, but now when we look at our product comparison charts, we can see they do not hold that position any more.


Selection Rating


SD Bullion gets 4 stars on our selection rating. They have continued to expand their product selection. They are even offering exclusive series that have become very popular like the Proclaim Liberty Bars and The Truth Coin Series.


SD Bullion FAQs

SD Bullion does have a return policy. They call it the Doc’s Satisfaction Guarantee.

They state they provide every customer with a return, exchange or refund on everything they sell. The customer has 3 business days from receipt of the order to let the dealer know they are not satisfied with their order.

You can read their full policy here: SD Return Policy.


Yes. SD Bullion does charge sales tax on applicable orders. Precious metals sales tax can be very tricky so please consult their sales tax page to figure out the sale tax implications for your specific state.


According to, SD Bullion did issue a military discount in the past. But it was removed some time ago. So no, currently they do not offer a discount for current or past military members.


Yes. We have seen new customers be issued coupon codes in the past. Currently, they do not have a coupon page to check for codes though.


Yes. SD Bullion does offer silver at spot. You can see their silver at spot page here. It has changed over time.

Like most dealers, the silver at spot option went away during the pandemic and silver shortage but SD Bullion did bring a silver a spot offer back.


Yes. SD Bullion is certainly a reputable online bullion dealers. They have thousands of positive reviews across multiple review sites and have held an A rating with the better business bureau for several years.

Also, their CEO, Tyler Wall, has said publicly on interviews the company has always been debt free. This is another good sign since we seen plenty of over leveraged bullion dealers go out of business in the past.


Yes. SD Bullion offers storage through SD Depository. Their storage web page says they offer the lowest price segregated storage online starting at $9.99 per month.

They also have a current special for new storage customers which 3 months free on new accounts.

The current gold, silver and platinum storage rates they are offering are:

  • Silver – 0.39%
  • Gold and Platinum – 0.29%

Storage Locations: SD Bullion offers storage on premises at the border of Michigan and Ohio as well as an option in the Cayman Island. They do note that offshore storage has separate pricing.


Yes, SD Bullion does assist with Gold Silver IRA transactions. The have their preferred custodian set as New Directions IRA, same as JM Bullion.

Their web page also directs you to popular IRA approved gold, silver and platinum products so it’s easy to find proper items that the government allows you to purchase for your self-directed IRA.


According to their website, they have a PO Box in Toledo. And according to online interviews, their fulfillment center is in Michigan.


SD Bullion's History

SD Bullion started in 2012, but there story begins a few years before that. The company’s two founders met in pharmacy school at the University in Toldeo.

As co-founder Tyler Wall tells the story, the two were pharmacy students were in a lab. Tyler was looking at stock prices, and the other was looking at the price of precious metals. This sparked a discussion of which investment was better.

Next we know that they each decided they would start a blog. Tyler would start a blog about the pharmacy world and “the Doc” would start a blog about silver investing and news.

Whichever blog was successful, they would join forces on that one blog and try to make money with it. was launched in 2011. This was perfect timing as that was in the midst of a large precious metals bull run. Gold and silver both hit all-time highs during 2011.

The website grew quickly and even had big name regular readers like David Morgan and Eric Sprott.

With the success of Silver Doctors, the two doctors decided to launch a bullion brand called SD Bullion.

At the time, in 2012, there were not many buying options out there for bullion online. This is well before any quantity pricing and $99 free shipping.

APMEX pretty much had a lock on the market with very little competition. Since the two doctors were bullion buyers themselves, they decided to put a message out to their blog readers that asked if there would be interest in going in together for a bulk buy. They knew that if they could get enough money together, they’d be able to negotiate a lower rate for themselves and their followers.

The response was so good that they decided to start

SD Bullion started in a basement with one monster box of silver eagles. The company’s slogan was The Lowest Price, Period. And the company begun to slowly grow.

As the gold and silver market grew, SD Bullion began to get more and more business thanks to their low price promise.

They would eventually hit Inc Magazine’s list of fast growing companies in 2017. Today, their CEO says they are the third largest online bullion dealer in the US. That’s quite the achievement starting with one silver eagle monster box.


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