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Monument Metals vs Hero Bullion - Who Wins?

Our Monument Metals review and Hero Bullion review show that both bullion dealers are legitimate and respected dealers in the gold and silver industry. But if you’re trying to decide on one or another we hope the prices and guide grid above helps. Both Monument Metals and Hero Bullion are relatively new online dealers. However, both have long and deep roots in the industry. Monument Metals says they have a combined three decades of bullion experience while Hero Bullion says they have a combined 60 years of experience. The leadership of both dealers have been around the bullion dealership block a few times. However, Monument Metals seems to currently be the clear winner of these two. Monument Metals consistently has lower prices and a much wider selection, plus more convenient payment options. For these major reasons, we have to give the nod to them.

Monument Metals vs Hero Bullion Differences?

Let’s take a look at a few key differences between these two dealers. The first is their free shipping policy. Hero Bullion does offer a lower free shipping threshold which will be very attractive to smaller stackers. However, they also have an order minimum of $99. So if you’re only looking for an ounce or two of silver, then you’d be forced to order from Monument instead. The other big difference between these two is that Monument Metals accepts PayPal and Hero Bullion does not. This is a very popular payment option for online gold and silver bullion buyers. The other big difference is selection. Monument by and large offers a wider selection. Therefore, you could possibly save time by browsing their website if you were in the market for multiple items at one time.

Monument Metals vs Hero Bullion Prices

If you’re a price sensitive bullion buyer, which we believe all bullion buyers should be, then comparing the prices of Monument Metals and Hero Bullion should be important to you. From the chart above, you’ll notice that Monument Metals tends to offer lower prices more times than not. We scan each dealer’s website every hour for top selling gold and silver bullion. We then report those prices here to you. If the product is not in stock at the time of the scan, then the product price will be empty.

Monument Metals vs Hero Bullion Popularity

If we take a look at google trends, we can see the two dealers are really neck and neck when it comes to popularity across the web. Since Hero Bullion didn’t launch until 2019, you’ll notice that it took them some time but they started making up a lot of ground starting in early 2021. Therefore, we think it is possible to say that as Hero Bullion grows they could offer a wider selection and more payment options and become a very real competitor to Monument Metals.  
  • Blue = Monument Metals
  • Red = Hero Bullion
Monument Metals Hero Bullion Google Trends  
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