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Money Metals Exchange Dealer Review

Did You Know?

Money Metals Exchange was founded in 2010 by Stefan Gleason. Stefan is also the director of Sound Money Defense League which focuses on restoring gold and silver as constitutional money.


Money Metals Exchange Payment Options

Credit/Debit Card




Paper Check

Bank Wire

Money Metals Exchange Shipping Policy

It is very hard to find information about shipping policies at Below if what we could find out for you.


Money Metals Exchange offers free shipping on all orders over $500.00. We cannot find mention of the price under $500. However, we did try to order a one ounce silver coin and the price was $7.97. So it’s possible that is a flat rate for all orders that do not qualify for free shipping.


In their legal disclosures, they mention this sentence “In the rare event the carrier (USPS, UPS, or Fed Ex, etc.) attempts to deliver to you a damaged package…”

For this reason, we assume they use all three major couriers.


The insurance policy is not as direct as some other dealers. Here’s what we could find:

“In the rare event of a lost or stolen shipment, you must fully cooperate with any investigation conducted by Money Metals, law enforcement, postal authorities, and insurance adjusters, including (but not limited to) signing a sworn affidavit stating the circumstances surrounding the damaged/lost merchandise. We carry shipping insurance through a 3rd party insurance provider. (For security and privacy purposes, we do not purchase insurance directly from the carrier.) Money Metals has sole discretion in determining whether to cover a loss.”


It does not appear that ships internationally at this time.

Pricing Rating


Money Metals Exchange gets 2.5 stars on our pricing rating. They are constantly one of the highest priced online dealers for gold and silver bullion.


Selection Rating


Money Metals Exchange gets 2 stars on our selection rating. They carry very little options when it comes to bullion. For example, most of the time they only offer a random year selection like with Canadian Silver Maple Leaf prices.


Money Metals Exchange FAQs

In their legal disclosures, Money Metals Exchange states that your satisfaction is guaranteed and that if you are not satisfied you have 3 business days after your receipt of shipment to notify them.

It’s important to note that the original shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.

Money Metals language around sale tax is a little confusing. In one part, they say they do not have an obligation to collect sales tax but they do calculate, assess and disclose sales taxes during checkout they are required to collect.

We think these sales taxes would only be taxes from the state of Idaho where they are located or taxes on non-bullion items.

Here’s the entire policy from their legal disclosures page:

“Money Metals is a small Idaho business, and, in some cases, we do not have an obligation (and/or ability) to calculate, collect, and remit such taxes on goods delivered into certain states. When you are in the order checkout process, we calculate, assess, and disclose sales taxes Money Metals is actually required to collect from you. Fortunately, 41 states have full or partial exemptions from sales and use taxes on gold, silver, and other precious metals. Even where we have not collected sales taxes, a use tax on customers’ precious metals may still be imposed by states which have not yet explicitly recognized the monetary metals as money or assets inherently held for resale. Therefore, if your state happens to impose a tax on any of the items you purchased and we have not withheld such taxes, be advised that it could be your obligation to pay directly to your state the applicable taxes you may nevertheless owe.”

We cannot find any mention of a military discount on their website.


We found plenty of websites that offer promo codes for Money Metals Exchange. They also have a place to input a coupon code at checkout.

See some of these websites for potentials Money Metals Exchange coupon codes:

Money Metals Coupon Site 1
Money Metals Coupon Site 2

Yes, Money Metals Exchange is a legit online bullion dealer. They were founded in 2010 by Stefan Gleason.

Unfortunately, Money Metals does not have a link to any third party review vendors like Trust Pilot or Shopper Approved, so you have to rely on their own review page here:

They do have the A+ better business bureau logo on their website. But it does not contain a link to their BBB page. Here’s the link if you want to check them out on BBB: Money Metals Better Business Bureau.

Money Metals Exchange does not offer a silver at spot offer. However, they do offer a starter kit for new investors.

You can find their starter kits here:

Please be aware that if you are buying fractional gold or silver, you are paying a significantly higher premium per ounce for the metal.

For this reason, starter packs that contain fractional gold or silver may be great for the dealer but not that great for investors.


Money Metals Exchange has their own storage depository in Idaho. Currently their rates are as follows. Please note that the fee is annual and paid quarterly.

  • Value: $0 – $15,999 = $96
  • Value: $16,000 – $99,999 = 0.59%
  • Value: $100,000 – $999,999 = 0.49%
  • Value: $1,000,000 – $2,999,999 = 0.39%
  • Value: $3,000,000+ = call for pricing

You can open your account online or by mail and the storage is fully segregated.

If you’d like to learn more or see how to start and account, visit here:

Money Metals Exchange and their depository are located in Eagle, Idaho. They list a PO Box on their website: P.O. Box 2599 · Eagle, ID · 83616-9120



Money Metals Exchange offers a pretty popular podcast covering the gold and silver market. They release episodes weekly. You can find their latest episodes on their podcast page here:

If you’re looking for the Money Metals Exchange login link, you can find it here:


About Money Metals Exchange

Money Metals Exchange was founded in 2010 by Stefan Gleason. He is also currently the President of the company.

They claim to have more than 500,000 email subscribers and 250,000 customers.

The company was founded for good reasons. Historically speaking, the precious metals industry is littered with phone-only, high markup, strong arms sales tactic dealers.

Gleason says he started in response to their types of dealers. He wanted to offer a bullion buying experience with post prices on the internet.

Money Metals Exchanges vs SD Bullion, JM Bullion and APMEX

How does Money Metals Exchange stack up versus the big three online bullion dealers?

In the google trends image below dating back to 2016, you’ll see Money Metals have relatively stayed the same compared to the three majors.

Back in 2016, they were basically neck and neck with SD Bullion. But over time, SD Bullion has separated themselves and has moved closer to JM Bullion and APMEX.

Money Metals Exchange on Google Trends

Money Metals Exchange Gold and Silver Prices

If you would like to see the most current gold and silver bullion prices from Money Metals Exchange, check the graph above that updates every hour with prices and inventory.

If you’re looking for more particular data like Silver Eagle Prices or Silver Bar Prices, then check the top of this page for our menu to be directed to those specific categories and products.

In general, if you’re a price sensitive bullion stacker, then Money Metals may not be the place for you. Traditionally, they are one of the higher priced dealers and do not offer a ton of selection when it comes to bullion products.


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