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JM Bullion Dealer Review

Did You Know?

JM Bullion was actually APMEX's largest affiliate marketer before they became a dealer themselves. We can actually thank Amazon for one of the most well-known online dealers today. Also, did you know JM Bullion owns four other digital properties in the bullion industry? We cover all this and much more in the History section below.


JM Bullion Payment Options

Credit/Debit Card




Paper Check

Bank Wire

JM Bullion Shipping Policy


JM Bullion offers free shipping on all orders over $199.00. Orders less than $199 incur a charge of $7.99. Typically, when you opt for standard shipping, you are allowing the dealer to choose the cheapest and best shipping option for themselves.

You can also upgrade your shipping to USPS Priority or UPS 3-Day Air for a fee.


JM Bullion utilizes USPS and UPS to ship orders. Their orders are shipped out of Amark’s Las Vegas facility.


All packages of all sizes are “fully insured” regardless of carrier and/or shipping method you choose.


JM Bullion does not offer international shipping.

Order Processing Time

JM Bullion typically ships orders 1-2 business days after your payment clears.


Pricing Rating


JM Bullion gets 3.5 stars on our pricing rating. They are normally one of the higher priced bullion dealers online. They do offer weekly deals that can sometimes be the lowest price online.


Selection Rating


JM Bullion gets 4.5 stars on our selection rating. Because they are owned by Amark and Amark also owns SilverTowne and works directly with several mints like the US Mint, they typically have a great selection of bullion and collectible items for sale.



JM Bullion FAQs

Like most dealers, the return policy is pretty grey. JM Bullion says items can be returned or exchanged within 5 business days of delivery in accordance with their Market Loss Policy.

That’s the part I don’t understand. I’m not sure what a market loss policy has to do with exchanges or returns so I’d be careful with that.

They also mention you need to call or email support to get a return authorization. You can see the policy here:


Yes, JM collects sales tax on applicable orders. You can see which states JM collects sales tax on here:


Yes, JM Bullion offers a military discount. They have some special rules to qualify that seem easy enough to follow. Their military discount is As Low As pricing on any product.

So if you are buying silver eagles, you get the same price for 1 as a non-military member or veteran gets for the lowest tier which is normally 500+ or 1500+ for major bullion items.

This is an amazing discount. You can learn more here:


No. JM Bullion does not normally offer coupon codes. This is an industry norm by major bullion dealers. Because the risk is so high and the margins so low in the industry, most major dealers don’t have coupon codes you can pick off coupon websites like most other industries

That’s not to say they won’t offer a coupon code as a customer service resolution on a botched order though.


Yes. JM Bullion is very legit. In many’s eyes they are the #1 online dealer in the USA today. And for good reason.

They have been in business since 2011 and were acquired by A-Mark in 2021 for $136.8 million. They have great customer service and fast shipping time and their website is very easy to use.


JM Bullion is the original creator of the silver at spot offer where they offered 10 ounces of silver bullion with no premium price added on to the spot price.

However, when Covid hit in 2020, the spot price or JM Bullion Starter Pack as they like to call hit went out of stock and has been out of stock ever since. 

You can track their starter pack page here in case they offer it again in the future:

Yes, JM Bullion offers gold and silver storage through TDS (Transcontinental Depository Services) Vaults. The locations you can choose from are Las Vegas, Toronto, Zurich and Singapore.

TDS’ parent company is A-Mark, the same company that now owns JM Bullion.

The storage is marketed as Fully Allocated which is what you want to look for.

The storage is also marketed as “double insured” which means its first insured by the actual vault holding the metal and also by TDS with an all risk commercial policy.


Yes, JM Bullion assists with Gold or Silver IRAs. They team up with New Directions IRA which helps set up Self Directed IRAs. SDIRAs are required in order for you to invest your IRA funds into physical gold or silver bullion.

They also recommend storing your IRA metals with A-M Global Logistics. Of course they do. They own that depository now after the A-Mark acquisition.


JM Bullion’s offices are located in Dallas, Texas. However, their fulfillment options are handled in Las Vegas, Nevada by A-Mark.


JM Bullion's Very Fascinating History

The Real Story You’ve Never Heard

It’s crazy to think that JM Bullion is pretty much the largest bullion dealer in the US by far… and it all happened by accident. Keep reading to get the full story.

JM Bullion says they were founded in 2011. But their story starts a few years before that.

Co-founder Michael Wittmeyer never had intentions of starting an online bullion dealership. He was an expert digital marketer and made a successful living by building affiliate websites that got paid to send customers to bullion dealers.

His largest “customer” was APMEX. He was sending them a lot of customers every month from his websites that he had build around gold and silver bullion products.

But in 2011, APMEX shut down their affiliate program due to Nexus tax laws that were starting to originate from the tax makers in Washington DC looking for ways to get their hands on millions of dollars of taxes from Amazon.

The way that nexus worked is that if Amazon had a fulfillment center in a particular state, sales tax was supposed to be charged to any orders going to that state were supposed to be charged sales tax.

Once these laws started to pass, affiliate program owners like APMEX started to get worried. And for good reason. There were plenty of lawyers suggesting that companies like APMEX would have to start charging sales tax on any orders from affiliates if the order came from the state the affiliate was based in.

You can see how confusing this is and would be for an online dealer to try and keep up with. So APMEX did what a lot of affiliate programs did at this time. They shut the program down.

One would assume this had a major impact on Mike Wittmeyer’s revenue stream since he was APMEX’s largest affiliate partner.

From conversations I’ve had setting in bars at different Coin conferences over the years, the story goes like this:

Micheal claims the affiliate contract suggested APMEX had to pay him for six months worth of orders after the original order occurred. So his argument was simple. Even though you shut down the program, you still owe me money for the next six months on my referrals.

Essentially, APMEX declined and that may have quite possibly been the worst decision in their company history.

Now, Mike has all this traffic from several gold and silver websites and nothing to do with it. So what does he decide to do? Him and a co-founder buy a US Mint Silver Eagle monster box and start the website

Due to their superior digital marketing skills in and industry that stays behind technology trends, JM Bullion was able to grow extremely fast.

Moving to Texas and Acquiring

JM Bullion’s roots actually started in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. But after three years and very rapid growth, they decided to move the company to Dallas to help sustain the company over the long-haul. But moving to Dallas wasn’t the only major change early on in this young company’s history.

At the end of 2012, JM Bullion purchased the domain name for a reported $875,000. That was the third-largest publicly announced sale of a domain name for the entire year.

Although, not publicly documented, it was rumored that JM Bullion also started to work with A-Mark (the largest wholesaler in the US) to raise capital to help sustain and accelerate their growth.

Over the years it was rumored that these capital injections became chunks of equity in JM Bullion. And that as time grew, JM Bullion would continue to need more capital and would have to continue giving A-Mark leverage for use of the capital. This would eventually lead to the acquisition of JM Bullion that we’ll talk about in a minute.

JM Bullion Acquires Provident Metals

In late 2019, JM Bullion makes a major move in the bullion industry and acquires a major competitor in Provident Metals. Provident has their own interesting history and at that time was rumored to be owned by Dillon Gage.

This acquisition allowed JM to take one of the other major bullion dealers off the competitive playing field. Some thought it was a great idea, other thought it was a mistake. Mostly loyal Provident Metals customers did not like the acquisition as the original Provident founders exited the company.

According to Google Trends though, we can see the Provident dealership at a whole was a loser in the acquisition. This was possibly the goal of the acquisition though.

In the screenshot below:

  • Blue = Provident Metals
  • Red = SD Bullion
  • Yellow = Silver Gold Bull

Google Trends Provident Metals vs SD Bullion vs Silver Gold Bull

The very far left of the screen is around the time of the JM Bullion acquisition. You can see that Provident Metals and SD Bullion are essentially neck and neck. And Provident is outpacing another good sized dealer like Silver Gold Bull.

But overtime, the trend shows SD Bullion outpacing Provident substantially and Provident falling to and sometime under Silver Gold Bull’s trend line.

A-Mark Acquires JM Bullion

About a year or so after the acquisition of Provident, another news shockwave was sent through the industry as news released that publicly traded wholesaler A-Mark was to acquire JM Bullion for $138.6 million and an evaluation was put on the company at that time of $174 million!

According to the news release, A-Mark had already owned roughly 20% of JM Bullion and this acquisition essentially allowed A-Mark to be completely vertically integrated since they also own the largest silver producing SilverTowne.

The other fascinating thing that came to light in the acquisition was the other digital properties JM Bullion had acquired over the years. In total, when A-Mark purchased JM Bullion they received the following digital assets:


The combination of these five properties made it clear that since their inception in 2012, JM Bullion became the 800 pound gorilla in the online bullion dealer room. And the amazing part of the story is that the founders of JM Bullion had no bullion background before starting the business.



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