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Hero Bullion Dealer Review

Did You Know?

The founder of Hero Bullion was also a founder of Provident Metals; which was one of the largest online dealers in the mid-2010's.


Hero Bullion Payment Options

Credit/Debit Card




Paper Check

Bank Wire

Hero Bullion Shipping Policy


Hero Bullion offers free shipping on every order over $99.00. Also, their minimum order amount is $99.00. So, effectively, every order ships for free.


Hero Bullion utilizes UPS and USPS. At least these are the two courier options at checkout. See below screenshot.


Hero Bullion offers insurance on all orders shipped up to 30 days from the date of shipment


Hero Bullion does not currently accept orders for international delivery.

Order Processing Time

Typically orders ship 1-3 business days after your payment has cleared their systems.

Hero Bullion Shipping Options at Checkout


Pricing Rating


Hero Bullion gets 4 stars on our pricing rating. They are a newer website that is consistently trying to challenge the larger dealers on bullion prices.


Selection Rating


Hero Bullion gets 3.75 stars on our selection rating. Even though they are a newer dealer, we have seen them continually add a variety of SKUs to their website.


Hero Bullion FAQs

Hero Bullion does offer a return policy but the back door is pretty wide open for them to reject your request. See below:

“At Your request, we may, but are not obligated to, provide You with an opportunity to exchange a product for an identical product in the event of a material defect. If we agree to do so, such exchange must be made within five (5) calendar days from the date on which You receive Your product and only to those customers who timely and properly notify our customer service department at [email protected]


Here’s Hero Bullion’s statement regarding tax collection:

“Some states require Hero Bullion to collect sales tax on certain items. We collect the appropriate taxes for all orders based on the most up-to-date tax laws in each state. Please contact your local jurisdictions for bullion tax law details.”

We could not find any mention of military discount on Hero Bullion’s website.


When you search google for hero bullion coupon codes, there are plenty of coupon related websites that claim to offer recent promo codes for Hero Bullion.

However, they all look pretty much like click bait tactics to get traffic as none of the coupon codes we saw were relevant and/or did not work.


We do know Hero Bullion is a legit dealer as their founder used to be part of Provident Metals. And we’ve also seen lots of mentions of them by happy customers on gold and silver forums.

However, they have no listing with the Better Business Bureau that we could find. Nor do they have any reviews from a trusted third party resource.

So even though, we wouldn’t recommend NOT buying from them. They certainly lack some important third party trust factors that most other legitimate dealers have.


Hero Bullion does not offer any silver at spot offers or starter packs at this time.


Hero Bullion is located in Texas. They has an address listed on their website. However, according to google maps, the address goes to a USPS location: 621 E Princeton Dr #976, Princeton, TX 75407

About Hero Bullion

Hero Bullion doesn’t offer a lot of information or insight into who they are on their about us page. However, by watching a few YouTube videos from their founder Jake Haugen, you’ll easily connect he was also an owner of Provident Metals before they sold to JM Bullion.

Their website does mention that their team is small but has a combined 60 years experience. So it’s likely Jake and a few other bullion industry veterans are the one behind the idea of Hero Bullion.

Hero Bullion came on the scene in 2019 soon after the Provident JM Bullion acquisition. And has since been operating very much like JM Bullion does.

Hero Bullion Gold and Silver Prices

Like all smaller tiered bullion dealers, the recipe to gain business is to offer lower prices on major bullion items when compared to the major tier 1 dealers like SD Bullion, APMEX and Money Metals Exchange.

Because of this price competition, Hero Bullion continues to offer lower prices on bullion products. For example, if you take a look at American silver eagle prices or silver bar prices, you will see they are usually among the lower priced online dealers.

So should you buy them just because of price. Well, time is important too. We actually tried to place an e-check order and it was quite complicated when compared to the other tier 1 dealers.

So we had to pay and extra 4% to get a credit card order to go through. So depending on the size of your order, 4% can add up to a lot of extra money on the same order so keep that in mind.

Hero Bullion vs Bullion Exchanges, Texas Precious Metals, Gainesville Coins and BGASC

When we take a look at Hero Bullion compared to some of the tier 2 US online bullion dealers, we can see they have made a pretty big splash out of the gate.

As they are only a few years old now, they seem to still be keeping pace with online dealers that have been around for a few decades. This is likely attributed to the fact that the leaders of Hero Bullion have built massive bullion dealerships in the past.

  • Blue = Hero Bullion
  • Red = Bullion Exchanges
  • Yellow = Texas Precious Metals
  • Green = Gainesville Coins
  • Purple = BGASC

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