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Bold Precious Metals Dealer Review

Did You Know?

Bold Precious Metals and APMEX have a similar tracing to their origin. Both founders were inspired to be coin collectors by their grandfathers. That's pretty interesting.


Bold Precious Metals Payment Options

Please note that it was very hard to find any information regarding minimum or payments order value for each payment method. As well as fees for different payment methods.

They also did note on their website that:”In some cases, non-established customer orders paid for via Electronic or Paper Check require a 10% deposit on a credit card registered to the billing address used for the order.”

Credit/Debit Card

Payment Hold Period = 1 Business Day


Payment Hold Period = 1 Business Day


They Do Not Accept Crypto



Payment Hold Period = 5 Business Days

Paper Check

Payment Hold Period = 5 Business Days

Bank Wire

Payment Hold Period = 1 Business Day

Bold Precious Metals Shipping Policy


Bold Precious Metals offers Free US Domestic standard shipping on any order of $199 or more. If your orders is less than $199, the shipping rate will be $5.95.

You do have a chance to upgrade to expedited shipping during checkout. You can also upgrade to Signature Confirmation for $2.95. See screenshot below.


USPS is the only courier mentioned on their shipping policy page so we’re not sure if they utilize FedEx or UPS as well.


“To ensure complete customer confidence, every single package we ship is sent with full shipping insurance. This means that in the extremely unlikely case your package is lost or damaged in transit, you will receive a full refund of the purchase price or BOLD will send you replacement items at our discretion.”

Also to note, all order of $750 or more are sent with signature required for free.


Bold Precious Metals is currently only accepting international orders by email: “please contact BOLD support to discuss available options.”

Order Processing Time

We could not find any language around order processing times.Bold Precious Metals Shipping Options at Checkout



Pricing Rating


Bold Precious Metals gets 4.5 stars on our pricing rating. Since their launch, they have regularly been one of the lowest price dealers for gold and silver bullion products.


Selection Rating


Bold Precious Metals gets 4 stars on our selection rating. They do offer a lot of unique bullion-like items that you might not find at other online dealers of their size.


Bold Precious Metals FAQs

Yes, Bold Precious Metals has a return policy. It’s very short and to the point.

“Customers may return an order within three (3) business days of delivery under the following two conditions. A return authorization number must be obtained from a BOLD representative at 1-866-454-BOLD and the customer must accept the BOLD Market Loss Policy as stated in our Terms and Conditions.”


We could not find any mention of sales tax collection on their website.


We could not find any mention of a military discount on their website.


When you search for bold precious metals coupon code there are plenty of websites that will offer you coupon codes for the bullion dealer

However, we were unable to get the coupon codes to work so we would offer caution with these types of click bait websites.

Yes, we do believe Bold Precious Metals is a legit and reputable company. They wouldn’t be the dealer at the top of our list. However, they have been serving the bullion community for a handful of years now and we would certainly purchase from them.

One concern is they do not have a third party review site collecting reviews that we can see. So you basically have to trust the reviews on their own website.


Bold Precious Metals used to offer what they would call welcome packs. However, we cannot find any welcome packs in-stock any longer.


Bold Precious Metals has a gold and silver storage page that states the following:

“We are preparing to launch a service that will allow our customers to create their own depository account with a highly secure private depository. Customers will then have the option at checkout to have BOLD deliver their purchased products directly to their account at the depository free of charge. Check back for more details.”

Bold Precious Metals has an IRA page that states the following:

“We are preparing to launch a service to assist our customers in setting up their own self-directed Precious Metals IRA and to make it very easy to purchase and deposit physical bullion products into their account. Please check back soon for more details.”

According to the Better Business Bureau, Bold Precious Metals is located at: 7301 Ranch Road 620 N Suite 155-194, Austin, TX 78726


About Bold Precious Metals

The Bold Precious Metals website mentions they have more than 30 years of influence from their grandfather, who is an avid coin collector.

However, according to Bold’s Better Business Bureau listing, the company incorporated in 2016.

Bold Precious Metals is a family business. Over the years, even though the family members pursued other careers like engineering or technology, coin collecting was used as a way to teach their children about the history of the United States.

Over time, they decided to turn their hobby into a business. They state they want to bring precious metals to the masses and that many people are interested in owning precious metals but are afraid of being ripped off.

With Bold being located in Austin, Texas, we can see why they might feel like that. There’s no shortage of high market “dealers” in the area.

Bold Precious Metals vs BGASC, Bullion Exchanges and Monument Metals

When we take a look google trends over the last five years, we can see that Bold Precious Metals pretty much stayed near the bottom of the smaller online bullion dealers for quite some time.

BGASC, Bullion Exchanges and Monument Metals all have some pretty solid spikes over that time frame, but Bold just kind of hovers near the bottom.

Now we can say that Bold Precious Metals is a new online dealer and you can see at times past 2020, they do pick up some good momentum here and there.

  • Blue = Bold Precious Metals
  • Red = BGASC
  • Yellow = Bullion Exchanges
  • Green = Monument Metals

Bold Precious Metals 5 Year Google Trends Chart

Bold Precious Metals Prices

We are a website that compares and reviews prices so let’s take a look at how Bold Precious Metals does with common bullion product prices like silver eagle prices and silver bar prices.

As we write this, Bold is the third lowest price dealer for current year one ounce silver eagles and the number one lowest price dealer for 100 ounce silver bar prices.

For smaller dealers like Bold Precious Metals, keeping their bullion prices low is instrumental in continuing to get new business from regular bullion stackers.


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