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American Silver Eagle Coin Prices - Random Year

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Prices and inventory are updated every hour and sorted from lowest to highest.

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1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin Value

At, we scan the internet every hour looking for the most recent 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin value. We then take these values from the top online bullion dealers and sort them from lowest to highest and display them conveniently above for you.

What is the Current Price of a 1 oz Silver Eagle?

The actual live or current price for the random year silver eagle coin will likely differ from prices displayed above. The reason is online dealers have to constantly update their prices to keep up with the price of silver. The price of silver is constantly changing. Therefore, dealers also have to constantly update their prices to protect their profit margins.

Most dealers update their prices automatically every 30 seconds or so. It is impossible for websites like our to scan these dealers that often. Therefore, the above silver eagle coin prices should be used as a guide for which dealer is currently the lowest priced online. Then, when you click the buy now link, you will lock the actual price in with that specific dealer.

Random Year Silver Eagle vs Current Year Silver Eagle

This specific listing represents the “random year” product that is found on many dealer’s websites. But what is the difference between buying a random year silver eagle versus the current year silver eagle?

The difference is the dealer can ship you any years they have in stock. But should you expect a bunch of different years? Probably not.

In times of very hot markets like we’ve seen in 2020 and 2021, dealers don’t have a lot of variety, so you’ll likely get the most recent years like 2020 and 2021 shipped to you. The reason you’ll get these years is because they’re the most readily available coins for the dealers to source. For example, it’s much more difficult for a dealer to source 2011 silver eagles vs a 2021 silver eagle.

Sometimes you will get a truly random year silver eagle shipped to you. But they’ll likely be all the same year. For example, using the same example above. It’s entirely possible that a dealer makes a large IRA buyback. And it’s possible that buyback contains thousands of 2011 silver eagle coins. In this scenario the original buyer probably bought the coins in 2011.

In this scenario, the dealer is not going to sell thoughts of coins marked up as 2011 coins. There’s not daily demand for thousands of ounces of a single back-dated silver eagle coin. So what does the dealer do? They move some inventory into the 2011 silver eagle SKU, mark it up and then they take the bulk of their buyback and move them to the random year silver eagle SKU to liquidate their position.

So in this common scenario above, if you decided to buy 100 random year silver eagle coins from this particular dealer at this particular time. It’s very likely you would get all 100 coins from the year 2011. Which, let’s be honest, if the coins are 10+ years old and still in retail condition, you’d probably be a pretty happy customer.

However, what is also entirely possible is that the coins exhibit spotting from setting in storage for all those years. In this case, you probably wouldn’t be that happy with your purchase. But should you be?

What Should I Expect When Buying Random Year Silver Eagles?

First of all, you should not expect a variety of years. This is not why dealers create this SKU. Dealers only create this SKU to sell more silver eagles. That could even mean that you get all current year coins. Dealers are only going to ship you what they have in stock and what they purchased at a lower rate.

Dealers are trying to maximize profits. Therefore, if they have a good buyback of silver eagle coins at a low rate, you can expect them to sell them through the random year SKU.

You should also expect that these coins won’t be as nice as current year condition coins. Some silver eagles can be 20+ years old. If you expect them to look like the current years silver eagle that just came from the US Mint press, then you’ll likely be let down.

Should You Buy Random Year or Current Year Silver Eagles?

This is a question a lot of new silver bullion investors have. And like most questions like this, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. But here are the things you should consider.

First of all, which one of these silver coins has the lower premium?

Most dealers will either price the random year silver eagle slightly more or less then the current year silver eagle. The price will be based on the acquisition price of the two SKUs?

If the random year SKU is cheaper, then should you buy it? For me, it depends on how much you are buying and what the price difference is.

The second consideration is real or fake silver eagle coins.

Now, don’t let me scare you. It’s very rare that a dealer listed on this website would sell you fake silver eagle coins. And if they did, it would be by complete accident.

But here’s my concern. I’ve seen the way dealers handle buybacks from the retail public. I don’t love the processes at these dealers. Quite frankly, there’s no way to verify anything is real unless you melt it down.

So with that being said, I sleep better at night when I purchase current year silver eagles. Because I know the chain of ownership was US Mint, pallet to retail dealer, shipped to me.

If I buy a random year silver eagle, then I am possibly gambling on that chain of ownership. This is why the answer is complicated. We’re talking about real investment dollars. Our hard earned dollars that we are trying to preserve and protect our family with. Therefore, this is a consideration when I’m buying silver eagle coins.

Quite frankly, if the current year silver eagle is only $0.10 more per ounce. Then I’m buying the current year silver eagle. It’s as simple as that.

But if the random year silver eagle is much cheaper and I’m buying in bulk and I trust the dealer 100%, then I’d buy the random year silver eagle coin.

Therefore, if you’re a new investor and maybe you’re a little scared making your first silver eagle purchase. Then make the easy decision and buy the current year silver eagle coin that the US Mint is currently producing.



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