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2022 American Silver Eagle Coin Prices

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Prices and inventory are updated every hour and sorted from lowest to highest.

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2022 Silver Eagle Prices

The 2022 Silver Eagle Coin is officially for sale now on several dealers’ websites. Of course, the product is only on pre-sale. The United States Mint won’t start minting and shipping these coins until mid-to-late January.

So if you’re in the market for a 2022 American Silver Eagle coin, then check the dealers above and see who has the lowest price. We check the prices every hour and then sort them from lowest to highest. This makes it very easy for you to find the cheapest 2022 silver eagle on the day you are looking to make your purchase.

One thing to note about pre-sale products in the silver bullion industry is that if you order one, your entire order will ship once the pre-sale item arrives at the dealer’s vault.

For example, let’s say you’ve been watching 10 oz silver bar prices because you want to buy a silver bar too. And so you find the cheapest 2022 silver eagle above and buy it with a silver bar. Maybe the silver bar is in-stock, but because you also included a 2022 silver eagle in your order, then you will also have to wait until January to receive the silver bar too.

2022 Silver Eagle Coin Values vs 2021 Silver Eagle Values

If you constantly watch silver eagle prices, you’ll notice that the older years are more expensive than the current year. You will also notice the same thing with the 2022 vs the 2021 years.

The US Mint is coming to an end with producing 2021 Silver Eagle coins. This means that dealers will have a harder time sourcing them. Supply and demand will kick in and thus; the 2021 will become more expensive than the 2022 silver eagle coin.

But is the 2021 silver eagle more valuable than the 2022 silver eagle? Not really. They are exactly the same coin with the same amount of silver. The only difference will be the year. Therefore, if you’re trying to decide between the two years, then our advice would be to purchase the cheapest option at the time you want to make your purchase.

2022 Silver Eagle Design

2022 will mark the first entire year that the US Mint will mint and sell the new design of the Silver Eagle program. From 1986 to 2021, the US Mint used the exact same design. But with motivation from Royal Canadian Mint security features and innovation, there was enough pressure on the US Mint to make some updates.

For this reason, the new silver eagle design contains a few security feature upgrades that the previous design did not carry. This should help with potential counterfeits over time. Unfortunately, there are a number of counterfeit silver eagles that you can buy on eBay if you’re not careful. But hopefully these new features will make that more difficult on the counterfeiters.

2022 Silver Eagles vs 2022 Silver Maple Leafs

When you compare 2022 silver eagle coin prices versus 2022 silver maple leaf coin prices, you’ll notice the silver maple leaf is cheaper. This is standard and has been the historical norm between these two coins which are the most popular coins in the world.

Should you go with the cheaper option? If you’re in between these two coins, there’s not a great deal of difference to be said. Yes, the 2022 silver eagle will carry a larger premium, but you can also expect a larger premium when you go to sell your 2022 silver eagle coins in the future.

So, even though you may pay more up front, you’ll get more on the back side. This means that ultimately, it’s a personal decision. We don’t think you can go wrong with either option.



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