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2021 American Silver Eagle Coin Prices - Type 2

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Prices and inventory are updated every hour and sorted from lowest to highest.

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2021 Silver Eagles Type 2

The American Silver Eagle Coin is made up of 99.9% pure silver and has been in production since 1986. It is one of the best-selling silver investment coins in the world with a nominal value of 1 USD.

The incredible popularity of these coins led to а multi-million circulation, with the exception of the years of the great economic crisis and the anniversary years, when coins were issued by the US Mint in different types of minting in limited quantities.

The American Silver Eagle Type 2 Coin was introduced in June with a completely new reverse design.

Coin Highlights

  • 99.9% pure silver
  • Nominal value: 1 USD
  • Legal tender
  • In continuous production since 1986
  • Guaranteed acceptance by precious metals traders, banks and investors
  • Suitable as a gift
  • The obverse of the coin shows: a female figure representing freedom, the text “LIBERTY”, the text “IN GOD WE TRUST”, the year of minting.
  • The reverse of the coin shows: the famous American bald eagle holding an oak branch with its talons, the text “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and “1OZ. FINE SILVER – ONE DOLLAR”.

What is the 2021 Silver Eagle Type 2?

On the occasion of its 35th anniversary, the American Silver Eagle Coin was introduced in a new design for the first time since 1986 – The American Silver Eagle Type 2. The first ever redesign was created by AIP designer Emily Damstra and sculpted by Michael Gaudioso and depicts a majestic eagle that appears to be landing, holding a large oak branch in its talons. The inscriptions “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and “1OZ. FINE SILVER – ONE DOLLAR” surround the eagle.

Up until now the American Silver Eagle Coin design included an eagle, a shield, thirteen stars, the text “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, the text “E PLURIBUS UNUM” (One of many), and the text “1 OZ. FINE SILVER – ONE DOLLAR ”(1 ounce of pure silver – 1 dollar). Since the announcement that the United States Mint will be changing the reverse designs of the American Silver Eagle Coin, there has been a growing interest among collectors.

Development of the Design

The obverse side design for this type of silver one dollar coin was taken from a sketch of a 50-cent “Walking Liberty” coin that was minted in the United States from 1916 to 1946. This sketch was designed by Adolphe Weinmann, who was a student of the famous architect August Saint-Gaudens. It was this work that became iconic throughout his career, overshadowing his other achievements. The 2021 Silver Eagle Type 2 has maintained weinman’s walking liberty which is highly valued by collectors. The new reverse design was selected among 39 other designs which were proposed by the US Mint’s artists. According to AIP designer Emily Damstra, the new reverse design conveys the message of “diligence, cooperation, care, and protection”.

Why Buy The Old And New Silver Eagle Coin

In the last few years, silver has outperformed gold in terms of rising prices. The growing demand for silver by the industry will have a positive impact on the price of the precious metal in the coming years. Silver is a great insurance against inflation and it remains stable in a situation of the banking crisis, political instability, or economic uncertainty. It is considered a long-term investment that should give you financial stability for decades to come.

The new releases of the American Silver Eagle coins are bound to push prices on certain date coins due to increased demand. The last American Eagle Coin with its old design will be able to hold its price, because of it being the last of its kind, and the new coin design could be expected to increase its value in the future, due to it marking a new chapter in the history of the Silver Eagle Coins.

It is most certainly an exciting period for numismatics, collectors and investors around the world.

Value of the American Silver Eagle Coin

Investment and collectible coins always have a value that exceeds their face value. This is influenced by the cost of 1 troy ounce of silver on world exchanges, the quality of minting, the number of circulation and the state of the coin on the day of purchase / sale. The value of the US $ 1 American Silver Eagle coins can range from $ 45.95 to $ 60.45. At you can check the best prices for American Silver Eagle coins on the market. You can track and compare prices from over the most popular online sellers to find the best silver price possible.

History of American Fine Silver

In the early 1960s, the US government was faced with a large budget deficit. Tax revenues were not enough to cover the costs of the Vietnam War. This led to inflation and an increase in silver price. The American society began to stock up on American silver coins in circulation, as the silver content in them cost more than the face value. The state treasury began to actively engage in adjusting the price of silver in an attempt to balance out the rapid increase, but the demand for silver persisted. Fearing that it would lose all its silver reserves from its vault, the US government stopped supplying the precious metal to the market. The price of silver was left to depend on free trade. Over the next 9 years, it rose from an average of $1.55 to $48.7 an ounce, an increase of more than 3,000%.

When the first American Silver Eagle coins were minted in 1986 by the United States Mint, the average price of silver was $5.47 an ounce and remained roughly the same until 2003. The recurring nature of the wars and the associated costs, along with a number of economic policies pursued in mid-recession in 2008, led to huge budget deficits in many Western countries. This led to a jump in the price of the American Silver Eagle Coin by almost 1000% between 2000 and 2011.

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