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2021 American Silver Eagle Coin Prices - Type 1

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Prices and inventory are updated every hour and sorted from lowest to highest.

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If you’re looking to buy 2021 US Silver Eagle coins online, then you should start here. At Gold Silver Insider, we shop the web for you and find the lowest prices on 2021 Silver Eagles. We then bring those prices back here and short buy the lowest price to highest price.

This allows you to quickly and easily find the lowest priced 2021 Silver Eagle online!
Should you buy American Silver Eagle coins?

Yes! Absolutely you should. Silver Eagle coins are the most popular and most sought-after silver bullion coin in the world-wide markets. They are very easy to buy and sell. They carry a larger premium when purchasing, but they also garner a larger premium when you go to sell them back to the market or dealer you are working with.

Also note, when selling back 2021 American Silver Eagles in the future, you will not be subject to any 1099-B reporting that Silver Bars and Silver Rounds and other Silver Coins may be subject to. This is great news for larger volume buyers as the reportable quantities for silver typically start in the 1,000 ounce per transaction range.
Are 2021 Silver Eagles Special?

Yes they are. The US Mint has announced that 2021 is the last year that will carry the original design. This exact design has been used on Silver Eagle coins since the first coin was minted in 1986. There is rumor, however, that some 2021 coins will contain this design and then the US Mint will switch to the new design sometime mid-year.
2021 or Random Year Silver Eagles?

If you’re new to silver investing, then you’ll need to understand that most major silver bullion items come in two types of product offerings. The first is the current year and the second is random year.

The first difference is the year(s) that might be on the coins. The second difference is potential of quality difference. Current year coins (the ones that are being made right now), are coming directly from the US Mint. So, technically speaking, they are brand spanking new. Whereas random years coins come from the “secondary market.” That means someone has owned them before you and have sold them back to a dealer who is now re-selling them again. Is this bad? Absolutely not, this is how the physical silver bullion market works. Investors are constantly buying and selling.

So which one do you buy? My advice is the cheapest one! There is no real difference other than date. And sense you’re not purchasing “key date” coins, it really doesn’t matter.

What about the quality though? Reliable dealers sort their inventory as it comes in the door. Therefore, you should only be getting “retail ready” coins. This means the coins shouldn’t be scratched or scuffed up. If they are, then most likely the dealer will replace them for you at their cost. If silver eagle coins come in the door scuffed and scratched, then the dealer should downgrade those coins to cull silver eagles and pay a lower rate to the seller and offer them at a cheaper discount to the buyer.

In summary: 2021 Silver Eagles or current year silver eagles are the hottest thing on the market. If you’re new, you should definitely own some in your portfolio. If you want to save money and random years Silver Eagles are cheaper at the time you want to buy, then we have no problem recommending that move. In the long-run, you’ll get the same amount when you go to sell back the coins, except you’ll pay less on the front end… isn’t that the point of investing?

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