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Kilo Generic Silver Bar Prices

Prices and inventory are updated every hour and sorted from lowest to highest.

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Dealer Price Shipping Link
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Bullion Exchanges Free on $99+ up
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Prices and inventory are updated every hour and sorted from lowest to highest.

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Kilo Silver Bar Prices

If you’re looking for kilo silver bar prices then you came to the right place. We find the top online bullion dealers and then scan their site every hour for their generic kilo silver bar SKU.

We then display those prices in order from lowest to highest on the chart above for your convenience. You’ll also notice a link that will take you to that specific dealer’s website and to that specific generic kilo silver bar SKU.

Not all dealers are priced the same. In fact, there’s usually a large difference between the lowest price and the highest price. However, when you’re buying silver bullion bars, you should always opt for the lowest price since you are investing hard earned fiat dollars.

The prices of generic kilo silver bars fluctuate by the minute. Also, some dealers will mark down their generic kilo silver bar SKU for only a few hours or a week at a time. This is why it’s important to use our website. The same dealer that is the lowest price today, might not be the lowest price tomorrow.

Generic vs Non-Generic Kilo Silver Bars

When you buy a generic kilo silver bar, you should expect that the silver bar will be from any mint, private or government. You will not get to choose which brand or mint you get. The dealer will ship whatever inventory they have to fill this SKU.

You should also not expect the bar to be brand new. Most of the generic SKUs listed on dealers’ websites are filled with secondary market products. This means the bar has already been bought by one or multiple owners and sold back to the dealer you are buying from.

The main pro is that generic kilo silver bars are going to almost always be cheaper than non-generic SKUs. The con is that you don’t know the brand and sometimes the quality can be not as high.

However, with all larger sized products, like kilos, the bars are usually in good condition as they are not as bought and sold as a one ounce silver round. For this reason, you typically don’t have to worry about the quality of your generic kilo silver bar being bad.

In conclusion, we see no issue with buying generic kilo silver bars as you’ll likely save money on the purchase. Also, there’s not a lot of variety out there, so the likelihood of you receiving a known brand is much higher than if you purchased generic 10 oz silver bars.

Other Generic Silver Bar Prices

If you like to save money and get the most physical silver bullion for your fiat dollars, then generic SKUs are a good option for you. But you may not know that there are more generic options on the market other than kilo silver bars.

Below is a list of generic silver bullion SKUs you can check prices of to compare the best cost per ounce overall:

Generic Kilo Silver Bar Values

The values of generic silver kilo bars are constantly changing. This is why we created our website. This system allows us to track the prices every hour to see what major changes might have happened.

To calculate the silver value of a generic silver kilo bar, you only need the current spot price of silver multiplied by 32.15. This number, 32.15, represents the number of troy ounces in a kilo silver bar.

For example, if the price of silver is $30, then the value of a kilo silver bar would be: $964.50. Keep in mind, that this is only the base metal value. To get the actual value that you will pay for a particular generic kilo silver bar, you also need to add in the dealer’s premium.

Every dealer sets their own premium based on a number of internal variables. Our website saves you a lot of time by going to the top dealers and finding their “all-in” price for each generic kilo silver bar.

This allows you to quickly find and compare the latest kilo silver bar prices and save money too. Also note that we list the shipping policy by each dealer as well. For pretty much all dealers, buying a silver kilo bar will qualify you for free shipping. But there are a few dealers that will still charge you. So make sure you calculate the shipping price too when comparing online bullion dealer prices.




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