Save Time, Compare Bullion Prices Here First.

Our objective is to become the greatest precious metals resource online. Here’s how we plan to get there.

First: we want to build the best price comparison website for bullion online. We are doing this by putting all the top online bullion dealers on one website. These companies are all selling the same products from the same wholesalers.

Why would you pay more then you have to? This is where we come in. Whenever you’re ready to make your next bullion purchase, we want to you to stop at our website first to find the lowest priced dealer.

Second: we want to build the best research section for gold and silver investors online. This will include very easy to understand historical charts and data that shows the value of precious metals.

Third: we want to create the best guides for new investors as well as investors that my be looking for alternative ways to grow their metals portfolio.

Fourth: we want to create the best gold and silver news website online. Most gold and silver news websites are dying or are already dead. We plan to revive that.

What’s Our Why?: there are thousands and thousands of new investors coming into our space. We have been trading metals metals now since the mid-2000s. There is a lot of misinformation out there and we hope to do our part to help.

Our objective is simple. Cut out the BS and bring honest and transparent information to investors so they can make the best buying decisions possible.

We’re here to help. If you ask us a question, you better be ready for a straight-forward answer from industry insiders 😉


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